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What does my $50 deposit get me?
Your $50 deposit secures your first choice for seating for the 2019 season. Seating priority will be determined by date orders are placed.

Is my $50 deposit per seat or per account?
It is per account, you will have the ability to purchase as many season tickets as you would like.

Is my $50 refundable?
It is not, your $50 will guarantee you a season ticket for the 2019 season.

What are the benefits of being a season ticket holder?
▪ Discounted ticket pricing
▪ 10% merchandise discount
▪ Pre-sale opportunities for US Open Cup and Postseason
▪ Invitation to exclusive season ticket holder events
▪ Interest-free payment plan 

How much are tickets per match?
Tickets start at $15 dollars. You can find the complete listing of ticket prices here.

How many home matches will there be?
In 2019, Lansing Ignite will play between 15 and 20 home matches including USL League One regular season and friendly (exhibition) matches. Regular season league and friendly matches are included in your season ticket package.

Will U.S. Open Cup games be included in the season ticket package?
They are not. If we host, you will have priority on purchasing your same seats.

Are playoff games included in the season ticket package?
They are not. If we host, you will have priority on purchasing your same seats.

How many of those home matches will be USL League One matches? 
We will play 14 home matches during the 2019 USL League One regular season.

How much will a full season ticket be?
Season tickets start at $255. You can find a complete listing of season ticket options here.

When will I get to select my seat?
As a benefit to all season ticket deposit holders, Lansing Ignite FC is seating members of the Spark Society based on the date their deposit was placed. Members of the Spark Society are invited to this exclusive event on Tuesday, Feb. 19, at The View in Cooley Law School Stadium to make their priority seat selection.

Won't be able to attend the event? You can make a priority seating request here.

How long does the season last?
It begins in late March and ends in early October.

What day of the week will matches be played?
Matches will be played mostly on weekends (Friday or Saturday), when possible, there will be matches during the weekdays as well.

How do I place my deposit?
You can place your $50 deposit by clicking on this link.

What are my next steps?
If you have placed your season ticket deposit, we will see you at the seat selection event. Single-game tickets will go on sale in early March.

Contact us at or 517-580-5432 with any additional questions.

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